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"I have used my Roto Harrow everyday for the past 15 years. We drag both our cutting pen and reining arena with it. It is simple and easy for anyone to operate."
~ Ted Robinson
Ted Robinson



"We at Guitron Ranch have used the products manufactured by Roto Harrow for numerous years and have found the quality very high and the service is as good as it gets."
~ Benny Guitron
Benny Guitron



"During my lifetime, I have used many types of harrows and drags, and always incurred waves in the soil I was attempting to level. After purchasing a Roto Harrow, it eliminated all of the waviness problems. In addition, this harrow has never had a breakdown of any kind."
~ Dale Chavez
Dale Chavez



"As a reining and working cow horse trainer my ground is very important. I have been using the Roto Harrow for 8 years and I love it! It keeps my ground level and the same depth throughout the whole arena. It works the top while protecting the base. I feel the Roto Harrow helps keep my horses sound by keeping my ground consistent."
~ Brenda Brown
Brenda Brown



"I purchased my 8 foot Dragster from Gibbs Manufacturing almost 15 years ago and have used it daily to maintain my arena. I am still amazed at how well this piece of equipment has held up for the amount of use it has endured. In training horses that range from all around competitors to reining horses my ground is always perfect for all my needs. I appreciate a product that stands up to its reputation."
~ Bobbie Emmons Training Stable
Bobbie Emmons





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